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Mission statement

Tirus Investment Fund was founded by professional investors who clearly understand the concept of investment through the use of diversification. Tirus Investment Fund has created a portfolio of investment instruments to help investors to gain financial stability and gain a memorable life experience.

Our mission is to provide exceptional service quality and to achieve the best financial results for our investors. We endeavor to warrant that our values, reputation and professionalism match our investors’ needs.


The company’s strategy is based on an individual approach. In order to keep protection standards and profitability of our investors at the highest level, we are constantly improving our investment strategy by considering new liquid perspectives of the investment market. We provide dedicated people with a strong growth platform. The main areas of our company’s investments are: commodity market, market of precious metals following by new investment instruments in start-up projects and real estate.

We continuously worked to improve capital structure and liquidity planning, budgeting, and forecasting systems to better assess mid-to long-term liquidity needs and short-term funding shortfalls. We have implemented prudent financial measures to meet its liquidity needs and guarantee the company’s business development, including maintaining a robust capital structure and financial flexibility, keeping a proper level of funds, gaining access to adequate and committed credit facilities, creating effective cash plans, and centralizing cash management.