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Invest with us

Real Investments – Real Returns

If you’re looking to invest in one of the most comprehensive, robust, and diverse investment portfolios in Switzerland, look no further, because when you choose to make an investment with Tirus, you’re not just making any old investment – you’re making one that’s guaranteed to bring you a real return.

When it comes to an investment portfolio, diversity has and will always be the key towards ensuring the success of your investments. But why? Because diversity allows you to secure returns from multiple avenues – when some returns are smaller, others can be larger – when one investment is performing poorly, another can be performing extraordinarily.

The key is to never put your eggs in one basket, and when you invest with Tirus, we have all the baskets that you need. Invest With Us Today!

Our Portfolio

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring our investors that our portfolio is diverse and full of opportunities, so that they can always find something to invest in. It’s also safe to say that when you invest in something that you’re passionate about, the stakes are raised and you have more stock in the performance of your investment, which isexactly what this is all about.

Our diverse portfolio offers our investors a number of different options through various industries and markets. And when you choose to work with our investment fund, we’ll always direct your capital to the avenues that you wish to invest in.

Take a look down below to view our various investment opportunities and be sure to let us know which you prefer.

  • Commodities Investment
  • Moscow Real Estate
  • Turkey Real Estate
  • Microfinances
  • IT Investments
  • Startups
  • Health Products
  • Games
  • Automation

The Benefits

When it comes to our investors, we’re always focused on the benefits. A diverse portfolio is a strong portfolio, and we’re constantly working to ensure that our clients have the opportunities that they need to build a strong investment portfolio that performs well all across the board.

To learn more about how Tirus can help you revitalize your investment portfolio or start you off on the right track, contact us today and inquire about how you can get started. We’d love to bring you on board.