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Investment programs

Our fund provides the opportunity to invest in precious metals with a low entry point. The purpose of investing in affiliate programs is to obtain a stable and ever-increasing passive income, as well as the ability to buy back ounces or carats. There are four options for programs for different initial financial opportunities - 10, 50, 100 or 1000 dollars. These funds will be used to purchase bonds for the purchase of precious metals.

The minimum investment amount is 5% of the bond.

Asset Features

This is not about virtual bullion on a digital card or stock exchange futures, but about real physical metal or diamonds.


Gold is the safest and most reliable investment in the history of mankind. Without exception. This is what determines the choice of investors who prefer this metal to everyone else. Most people work by getting paid in virtual or paper money. This is a currency issued and controlled by the government. “Controlled” is a keyword. Throughout the twentieth century in Russia there was not a single generation that would not have faced the devaluation of paper money. Starting with the 1917 revolution and ending with the Paul Reform or the Denomination of 1998 year. Every 20-30 years our money "burns out." Therefore many people in safety reasons need to save at least part of their earnings by exchanging them for a stable financial instrument that is unable to depreciate to zero. Such is gold.

To be honest, gold prices will rise mainly in the event of global crises or wars, as well as in times of hyperinflation. The rest of the time, the price of the metal moves with constant corrections on reduction. In addition, gold offered by banks is subject to 20% VAT, which is non-refundable in case of resale. Noble metal can be freely purchased in the form of bonds of gold mining companies. Such a bond is valid internationally. The paper is supported in the form of physical metal belonging to the descriptor. There is a possible transfer of gold bonds from one holder to another. In the case of bond usage, assets lose their privacy, but the very ability to purchase metal, bypassing intermediary banks, is considered profitable.


Investments in diamonds are promising, but the asset is considered to be low liquid due to the high cost and legislative restrictions on the sale. For investment purposes, only stones weighing more than one carat are quoted, their value is tied to weight and grows in arithmetic progression with its increase by each new gram.

There is also a purely Russian problem - the purchase and sale of investment diamonds is prohibited between private individuals. Therefore, for their acquisition, the participation of intermediaries or the intervention of residents of third countries is necessary. However, there are also options for issuing securities secured by stones.

Traditionally, the point of entry into the purchase of gold and diamonds is high. Our fund gives its partners the opportunity to use these assets when paying only 5% of the nominal value of the bond. Principle of work

The affiliate program is based on the principle of attracting new members who also invest their funds in the proposed assets and, in turn, share information about opportunities with their friends. This gradually, but quickly and efficiently enough allows the participant who initiated the matrix to reach a level of serious stable income.

The technique differs from financial pyramids by a number of factors:

  • It does not have the option of the losing parties, the so-called “last” loser participants. All assets have physical support with documentary evidence in the accepted format.
  • The acquisition of membership in an affiliate program is at the same time equivalent to the purchase of 5% of a bond for a real and a certain number of precious metals.
  • If at some point the partner decides to refuse further participation or is unable to complete the matrix, he can leave the company at any time and pay the remaining amount - 95% of the face value of the bondl for the full redemption of his share of physical gold or diamonds.
  • The matrix has limitations in width - as a rule, at the first level there can be no more than five participants.

What is meant by the concept of matrix? This is a business circle with a clearly defined center in the face of the party-investort. It is provided to a person in exchange for an entrance fee. The matrix contains empty cells that must be filled in, attracting familiar persons, relatives or partners to participate in the program. The contributions of invited participants are distributed among the cells. The number of cells doubles with each level, gradually moving away from the center. After the partners invited by the investor appear in the matrix cells, the circle closes and the transition to the next matrix becomes available. It is filled in the same way. The more participants have closed matrices, the higher the potential income. The company also provides valuable gifts for partners who have managed to close six or more matrix circles. Additionally, when passing through each two rings, it is assumed that the participant will receive a solid material reward. The principle of work is quite simple. For example, a partner brought three people who purchased bonds for $ 10 - this way he “closed” his matrix and receives as a reward part of the funds that these people brought. At the same time, people themselves do not lose anything and also receive their profit at the expense of those who are invited. This happens without restriction.

The program uses linear referral bonuses, the size of which depends on the initially selected license and the depth of referral coverage. The premium may reach 7% of the contribution amount of a given participant. Favorable conditions and full documentary evidence of all financial data help to fill in the matrix as soon as possible. All earned money is available for withdrawal or redemption at the choice of precious metals or business places. According to the terms of the program, it involves constant reinvestment.

How to become a partner of the fund?

To enter the company it is enough to purchase a bond for one of the amounts - 10, 50, 100 or 1000 $. It is similar to the entry fee for a contract and can be implemented subsequently in various ways. Next, the participant receives a set of marketing materials to confidently promote their matrix and assets in general. A package of documents and certificates of a standard form confirming the quality of products is also provided. After receiving the materials, the participant will only have to recommend the program to his friends. Thus, the partner receives a double profit - from the acquisition of a percentage of a bond and from the redistribution of income with the above participants.

To join the affiliate program today, register and pay a fee of the level that suits you - Easy 10 $, Medium 50 $, Hard 100 $ or Grand 1000 $.

Real estate in Moscow

The fund provides investors with access to a portfolio of profitable residential real estate in Moscow. The purpose of the investment is to obtain long-term passive income or to purchase housing in the capital on favorable terms. The offer is good for participants with a medium and long-term investment horizon. The minimum contribution to participate in the housing program is $ 800.

Asset Features

Real estate investments are profitable for several reasons. Despite crises and jobbery, this type of financial investment is considered one of the safest if the objects are selected correctly. Real estate has many forms of monetization. It can be used as a source of passive income from renting or to organize with its help speculative capital gains. Finally, this type of investment can be safely delegated by entrusting professionals with the management of the most promising objects. Investment in rental housing is attractive to conservative investors, as it is an asset with a low level of risk, in which you can get a good profit. However, the main problem of these facilities is a lack of liquidity. This factor in Russia is stably leveled only in Moscow.

The acquisition of profitable real estate in the capital involves serious financial costs. This aspect becomes the main obstacle faced by people who do not have sufficient capital. Buying a stash of shares with other investors is a reasonable step to enter this market. This is a kind of real estate crowdfunding, in which only for 5% of the market value of the object the participant will receive income from his lease at his disposal. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the legal status of the object, about property management, relations with tenants, repair work, etc. Our specialists will take care of this.

Basic principles

The investment housing program as the final result involves the purchase for the participant of a share of residential real estate in Moscow. Partner's contribution is 5% of the market value of housing and is equal to $ 800. The residential property is a private house in Moscow, divided into studio apartments. It belongs to several co-owners of individuals, on the basis of property rights. Registration for the acquisition of a share occurs through a contract of sale. Documents are submitted to the Registration Chamber. The process ends with the receipt of an extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises - this is an actual analogue of a certificate of ownership revoked in the Russian Federation. All legal issues are resolved in accordance with applicable law.

The repurchased share brings the owner constant passive income, since the object is leased - it is a profitable real estate. The investor does not have any hassle associated with this property, since a professional company specializing in rental property management is engaged in housing.


Interaction within the framework of the fund on the principle of matrix or affiliate marketing. This tool involves the widest coverage audience reach and high performance. In this case, the matrix is a business ring - a cooperation of partners, each of which is interested in acquiring a share of liquid capital real estate in order of priority, as well as receiving constant passive income, which can be withdrawn in the form of live money or allowed to purchase additional investment products.

In total, the housing program presents three levels or three triple matrices. The participant’s task is to “close” the empty cells of these matrices by attracting new partners to them. What you need to participate - step by step:

  • Become a member of the affiliate program.
  • Buy a business place in the housing program for $ 800.
  • Tell your friends about the project. If three people are also interested in the proposal and become participants, then the first program will be complete.
  • Further promotion is aimed at filling all three business programs.

In total, 39 people should come under the guidance of a partner. You think it’s a lot? Meanwhile, already 25 times people were able to completely close the housing program. What is the result?

The person who was able to close the proposed matrices takes a whole studio apartment in Moscow with full furniture and tenants living in it. Or he receives the cash equivalent of the market price of this property - $ 15,600.

The project also has a referral rewards program with a depth of three lines. Attracting friends (referrals) will directly bring you income - 7% of the amount of the contribution made for the housing program. The second line of the program is that people who are attracted by referrals will also bring you profit - 5%. And the third line is those who were attracted by the referrals of your referrals, the income from their contributions will be 3%. To maximize the effectiveness of the process of attracting new partners, all participants will be provided with a package of documents, marketing and PR materials. The package will have everything you need to confirm the seriousness and reliability of the investment. A set of documents is reinforced by evidence of ownership. Promotion of profitable real estate in Moscow does not need special ideas. Its profitability is clear by default to anyone who is even a little familiar with the housing or rental market. The matrix method does not imply imposing partnerships on strangers.

Personal connections and sincere recommendations work best.

If each of the participating partners shares information with someone else, and these people, in turn, tell their friends, then a fast and large-scale audience coverage will occur. This will allow the investor, in addition to profit from a share, to have an additional passive referral income.

In this scheme, the presence of the last or extreme participants is not assumed.

Absolutely all partners who paid $ 800 are protected - because the money goes to pay for the repurchase of a share of real estate by 5% of its real price.

If the participant has not reached the final stage for any reason or has not closed all the necessary levels, he still has the right to pay 95% in order to redeem and receive the entire residential property.

As in the case of matrix closure, the investor will receive a certificate of ownership, together with services for managing his share in the apartment building.

The profitability is determined by the level of license acquired - Starter, Rise or Opening.

Starter Rise Opening
License cost $600 $1 800 $5 400
Profitability $1 800 $5 400 $16 200

We are lowering the barrier to entry into the traditionally expensive asset class - real estate, providing ordinary people with access to alternative financial opportunities. Register today to access this program with minimal investment.

Property in Turkey

The fund offers its participants three options for affiliate marketing, which allows them to acquire a share in Turkish real estate, while paying only a fee equal to 5% of the market value of the property. Such co-investment schemes have been used for several years in the EU and the USA, because not everyone can afford to buy investment-attractive real estate in large cities abroad. And the point is not always the lack of funds for the purchase of housing. A foreign language, mores and legal subtleties can lead a person inexperienced to a standstill.

In addition, before buying a home, you need to have an idea about whether it will be possible to monetize it, whether there is any demand for rental real estate in this particular city and specific area.

What requirements does the local government impose on non-resident owners, are there any restrictions on the types of use of the apartment, etc. What requirements does the local government impose on non-resident owners, are there any restrictions on the types of use of the apartment, etc. All these nuances are known to our lawyers and Turkish partners who help in the selection of objects and registration of transactions.

We guarantee the legal purity of the proposed schemes, provide full transaction support and the entire package of necessary documents.

Program 3000 $

The first option is the classic cooperative scheme, which involves the alternate purchase of real estate for partners, as well as the constant receipt of passive income from renting out housing.

The object is an apartment in an apartment building located in the Turkish city of Alanya. The tourist season in Alanya lasts for half a year, so there is a constant demand for short and long-term rental housing, objects have maximum liquidity.

All funds earned as a result of the program are available to the participant at any time for withdrawal, reinvestment in other products of the company or for the purchase of the entire apartment.

Housing is managed by a company that specializes in specializes in remotely leased facilities. All issues with the search for tenants, ongoing repair and maintenance of the apartment are decided by this company. The owner is not bothered by the details, he can only get his passive income from the commissioning of this property.

The ownership of a share in an apartment is legally registered in accordance with local law. The transaction takes place by signing a contract of sale. Legal registration is carried out through the registration chamber of Turkey.

As a result, the partner receives a certificate of ownership.

How to take part?

The investor must enter the Turkish housing program offered by the fund and acquire a business place for $ 3,000.

After that, a standard marketing promotion and filling out a matrix. Promotion means attracting among your friends co-investing partners in this housing program. The option is beneficial not only because it allows you to confidently move higher in the system, but also the ability to receive referral payments. Each participant you specify will also have to pay a fee for a share in the property. From the amount of this contribution, the company will pay you a percentage for helping to develop the fund and attract other people to the housing program. In total, you need to complete three business levels in the system. After their closure, the investor at his discretion will either receive $ 54,000 in his hands or will be able to buy the whole apartment from the fund.

To facilitate the process of attracting new participants into your matrix, the company supplies the partner with all the materials that can confirm the quality characteristics of the housing and the reliability of the transaction. Also, the participant will receive a full set of title documents and a certificate of ownership.

The package will be complemented by PR materials that will help in the most accessible language to convey the benefits of this offer to future referrals - the participants you invited. Personal relationships in affiliate marketing mean more than having large amounts. Just recommend a friend to take a closer look at the program, describing its features and mentioning that if they also invest in this - people will follow their footsteps. In this scheme, securing the invested funds with a real asset is at the forefront, therefore there are no “extreme” or “last” ones, unlike network marketing. Each participant who has completed the housing program will receive a legally registered share of private property. If the partner decided to terminate his participation in the project, he can leave the company at any time and has the right to pay the remaining 95% of the amount to buy the whole property, as well as get the contacts of the company that organizes the management of the apartment in Alanya for further cooperation.

Speculation - entry from $ 500 to $ 1,000,000

The second option is the classic scheme, in which real estate is acquired at the so-called zero stage of the approved project, which minimizes the cost of the purchase. After putting the house into operation, housing is resold at the market price - this is the fourth stage. In Turkey, the planned wait for the completion of construction takes about one year. An investor who has invested in the purchase of housing under this scheme receives as a result 50% of the annual net income.

Thus, investing 1,000,000, in a year you get 1,500,000.

All agreements with the developer, paperwork and responsibility for fulfilling obligations to investors lie with us. The fund insures its investments against deadlines. The developer takes enormous financial risks in case of failure to fulfill its obligations.

The estimated period for making a profit is 14 months, of which a year is allotted for construction and two months are allocated for the sale of a finished apartment. Investment property - entry from $ 500 to $ 500,000

The third option is a joint purchase of housing in an apartment building for subsequent lease of the object. Legally, an apartment is issued to a single owner, despite the collective fundraising. And then a separate cooperative agreement is signed with all participants, in which all co-owners of housing are registered, the share of each participant is determined.

In the same place, the individual percentage of the profit from the lease of the object, appropriate to the size of the share. Rental takes place on a monthly basis, based on official contracts. Maintenance and occupancy of the apartment is carried out by the management company, and co-owners of housing receive passive income.

To take part in this program, select the appropriate investment option and pay a business contribution in accordance with your preferred return option.


The fund is a financial assistance area organized between program participants. The purpose of the investment is to obtain additional income from interest on the loan. Also, this direction implies the possibility of obtaining a loan on flexible and open terms, at a reasonable percentage.

The essence of the partner lending program

Each partner who is a participant in other investment programs organized by the fund, has the opportunity not only to withdraw earned funds, fees and referral interest, but also to receive additional income by providing their money to the company's loan pool.

To do this, it is enough to leave your funds in the personal account, and then confirm by clicking on the agreement to provide them for the credit needs of the organization.

In exchange, the partner will receive a certain percentage of the deposit.

The allocated funds are frozen for a certain period, the duration of which can be chosen at your discretion among the options proposed by the company. The percentage of profit is calculated depending on the period of time of freezing and of the amount.

Income is calculated on a weekly basis. The earned amount will be immediately available in your account. This money can again be used at your own discretion - withdraw immediately or continue to increase your income by completing new deposits.

Thus, lending is organized by the program participants themselves - they transfer their money for loans to other partners or receive borrowed funds from others at a fixed percentage.

Conditions for the borrower

Who can apply for a loan?

To obtain a loan, certain requirements are made to the partner. In particular, the need to have a confidence score above a certain level - this parameter is an analogue of a scoring in the banking system. By default, a partner who has worked for a long time with good incomes as part of the main program and has already achieved success in the housing program has a high score.

Such a participant will be approved by a large loan for a long term.

The confidence score is formed on the following basis:

  • The number of business places acquired through marketing. This indicator shows a serious attitude of the participant to fruitful work.
  • Participation in the housing program is a significant sign of the partner’s long-term intentions.
  • Status fulfillment in the company. The status depends on the type of license and the number of rings passed. It is unlikely that a person who reaches the sixth ring or higher will disappear along with the loan
  • Trust of partners - this factor will be determined by the results of voting, the necessary functionality will be provided to the participants.
  • Amounts that the partner earned in the company.

A beginner without a rating cannot apply for a loan due to higher risks. Therefore, to begin with, he will have to work to improve his rank.

For those who need to increase points fast, there is the possibility of hacking the system by applying an instant assistance scheme. The scheme is a voluntary method of increasing the rating through the use of frequent small transactions with loans. For example, transfer $ 2 and get $1 in return, transfer $4 and get $3 etc. This will allow the participant, who meets the basic criteria of the borrower, to be more visible among colleagues. They will recognize the person and, possibly, consider him as a reliable, which gives a chance for good ratings of confidence.

It should be keep in mind that confidence points are calculated according to a multifaceted algorithm, which is able to not only increase them, but also lower them.

Deposit Terms

We are talking about the amounts that the participant did not withdraw from the system and provided for the loan pool. The deposit amount can be absolutely any in the range of values from $50 to $1,000,000.

The deposit step is one dollar - thus, a participant can invest 50 or 51 dollars and so on up to the upper bar. The deposit is kept for a period of one month to a year. Available time frames for freezing funds: 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The percentage of return on deposit for a participant will be from 1% to 3% per month. Depending on the investment period, it will correspond to 1%, 1.5%, 2.2%, 2.5% or 3% per month.

For the credited person, the percentage for using borrowed funds will be higher by 1%, which will go to the company’s fund for the provision of services and financial risks. Therefore, a loan can be obtained with interest calculated from 2 to 4%.

Available reward options

A participant who wishes to become a lender to partners can allocate funds received as remuneration of the fund for this.

Reward List:

  • Linear prizes in the framework of the referral program for the main partnership. For example, for the license Easy 10 the first line premium will be 3%, and the fifth - 1%. For Hard 100 and Grand 1000 licenses, a premium of 7% is provided on the first line, and on the fifth — 1%.
  • Payouts from marketing rings. For example, for an Easy license with 10 rings with an investment of $ 10, a payout will be $ 30. For a Grand license with an investment of $ 1000, also with 10 rings you can count on a payout of $ 3000.
  • The housing program includes three levels of licenses. The youngest of them - Starter assumes receiving $ 1800, and with the maximum variation of Opening the payout will be $ 16,200.

According to the results of closing a different number of marketing rings on each type of license, the participant receives a reward in the form of a sum of money or valuable prizes. The easiest option is a premium of $ 100 for 6 rings passed under the Easy license. Any funds received from these sources, in the amount of up to one million dollars, can be used for micro-lending to partners in need. The conditions for making a profit and the requirements for borrowers suggest that force majeure circumstances can be avoided in most cases. In addition, the company acts as a guarantor of transactions, taking on possible risks. If you want to take part in the credit program, leave the funds available for withdrawal in your account and confirm your consent to the transfer of money.

Any funds received from these sources, in the amount of up to one million dollars, can be used for micro-lending to partners in need. The conditions for making a profit and the requirements for borrowers suggest that force majeure circumstances can be avoided in most cases. In addition, the company acts as a guarantor of transactions, taking on possible risks. If you want to take part in the credit program, leave the funds available for withdrawal in your account and confirm your consent to the transfer of money.

Investing in IT Products

The fund is developing its own IT products and venture support for promising startups. This is a rather risky, but profitable type of investment. We provide our partners with the opportunity to make a reasonable investment in IT. This is a world full of specific jargon, mistrust and scattered information. A market capable of delivering significant growth over the next few years. In our opinion, the situation is comparable to the explosive growth that the Internet experienced in the 90s - now is the best time to invest in this industry. Our specialists have rich experience in IT development and promotion of created products. We are planning to launch an IT investment platform.

Application Development

Now at the peak of its popularity are mobile applications and instant messengers. We consider investment options in the most interesting of them, and also specialize in creating popular software for various applications. Our experts analyze the market and current trends in this area.

In order to pick up a promising idea for implementation, we carry out a number of events:

  • Analysis of the niche and its saturation, assessment of the level of existing or potential competition.
  • Audit of the software part, identification of weaknesses and unsuccessful competitor decisions in terms of usability.
  • Determination of the preferred technological stack, which will allow developing the product with the lowest cost and conducting subsequent maintenance of its code in accordance with rapidly changing technologies.
  • Estimation of potential traffic on the basis of related and indirect queries to search engines, which are recorded by statistics and semantics collection systems.
  • Evaluation of monetization options for the finished project. The projected minimum and maximum yield for calculating delta.

These steps allow you to make informed decisions about whether to invest in a project or startup.

Income is not guaranteed, but it is projected with high accuracy enough to be confident completely or abandon investment or enter the market, clearly understanding the ratio of risk and profit.

Internet project development

This is the basic industry, which allows you to balance the investment portfolio due to a clear forecasting of income and constant demand for the services offered on the basis of monthly subscriptions.

The standard IT company within the framework of our fund provides the whole range of services that are permanent for the industry:

  • Development of a general picture of a future project, creation of a design layout.
  • Creating a website or application from a ready-made layout according to modern standards using Html5 semantic layout and cascading CSS3 style sheets.
  • A / B testing of the usability of the project, its convenience and intuitiveness for the end user.
  • Installation of a content management system that allows people without programming skills to work with a project - an editor, a content manager, etc.
  • Adding advanced functionality using scripts - installing movable elements and marketing tools - online chat, interactive forms.
  • The collection of the semantic core and initial optimization of the product, taking into account the relevance and seasonality of search queries.

We launch projects on both standard and blockchain platforms.

Many have heard about the crypto revolution that is happening in the world right now. Surveys of EU citizens showed that 77% of people know about the blockchain, while only 9% of them invested their money in any crypto assets. Paradoxically, people still have little trust in the IT industry, despite the fact that its representatives have significantly changed the global composition of dollar billionaires.

Some believe that only failed Harvard graduates are able to develop a truly valuable product on the planet. This is not true. Among those who have changed the IT world, there are many of our compatriots or migrants from the Russian Federation. Starting with Sergey Brin, Google’s founder, who was born in Moscow and ending with Russian Igor Sysoev, who created the best-performing web server in the world - Nginx

Information and communication technologies make it possible to effectively integrate computer systems into the regular processes of private life and business. Their use implies the optimization of all technological resources and the ability to adapt to almost any project or business model.

The biggest B2B trend is the growth of SaaS vertical startups that sell self-service solutions even in deeply traditional and non-transparent manufacturing industries. Investments in information technology are carried out at almost all levels. From basic technologies with powerful networks and big data, to solutions that allow applications to enhance customer satisfaction.

How to take part?

It is enough for our partners to read the proposed offer on the website and confirm their consent to the possible risks and the absence of a profit guarantee. There are no guarantees of profitability just because the latest ideas generated online have never existed before - accordingly, it is impossible to predict 100% whether the market will accept them. Who could have known in advance how much Facebook or Wix would cost when these projects were just an idea?

There are strict criteria for analyzing the investment attractiveness of startups. It is planned to organize joint views of the pros and cons of a startup in real time soon, before making a decision on investing in it. We provide examples of “rocked” projects from our arsenal, so that the participant can make an informed decision, seeing ready-made working startups that have already reached the payback period and bring constant profit close to the maximum calculation bar.

Having familiarized with profitable projects, it is easier for a partner to make a decision. In order to be able to invest in online projects considered by our foundation, a person must be a participant in a basic partnership program.

Just go to your personal account and make an investment from there directly.

Health Products

For those who prefer the classical schemes of work and at the same time receive passive income, our company offers a product business in the Beauty and Health area. The products are dietary supplements and a variety of nutritional supplements that contribute to both comprehensive improvement of health and targeted treatment or prevention of diseases.

Product Features

All products have a full set of supporting documents - licenses, state registration certificates, Ros test certificates.

Nutritional supplements are designed to replenish nutrients that we do not obtain in sufficient quantities for one reason or another.

Supplements include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids or amino acids. Nutritional supplements are added to the diet to improve overall health, to support the immune system and reduce the risk of disease, and prevent age-related changes. They are often used to improve athletic and mental performance, as well as to support healing processes during illness.

Scientific evidence shows that some nutritional supplements are beneficial for general health and for the treatment of various diseases.

For example, calcium and vitamin D are important for maintaining bone strength and reducing bone loss; folic acid reduces the risk of certain birth defects; omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can help people with heart disease. But there is a downside - many supplements contain active ingredients that can have a strong effect on the body.

Always be prepared for unexpected side effects, especially when taking a new product. Suggested Organic Supplements:

  • Smart Diet — weight loss treatment.
  • Perfect Heart — prevention of heart disease.
  • Cleansing Body — gentle cleansing of the body of toxins.
  • Anti-Parasitic — remedy for parasites.
  • Antistress Formula — soothing supplement.
  • Strong Immunity — to boost the immune system.
  • 50+ Life — fortifying capsules for those who are 50+.
  • Beauty Hit — for skin and hair beauty.
  • Joint Protection — joint protection.
  • Multi Formula — general strengthening capsules.
  • Healthy Vision — vision enhancer.
  • Antioxidants Complex — antioxidants to fight aging.

Please note that antioxidant supplements may decrease the effectiveness of certain types of chemotherapy in treating cancer.

Products are available in capsules. Keep in mind the fact that supplements cannot replace a variety of foods that are important for a healthy diet. But they help to supplement the diet and bring it to a harmonious state.

Due to aging population and the increased interest in preventive health care, sales of vitamins, minerals, as well as nutritional and herbal supplements have increased worldwide. More and more people are realizing the value of good health, feeding a growing interest in everything that helps to strengthen it.

People are looking for a cure for what is bothering them, and elixirs to help them stay healthy.

Health is not just a goal. This is a lifestyle choice, and a thriving consumer market. Over the past decade, sales of vitamins, minerals, as well as food and herbal supplements have grown many times, including in Russia. This gives the best opportunity to work with the products of our company, because people are mentally prepared for the fact that they will have to fight for and pay for health.

Activity Scheme

We offer classic linear marketing for participants with a reward in the form of commission for the promotion of products manufactured by our company, and not for sales. We provide partners with all the benefits of working with a legitimate business. The company is officially registered, licensed to conduct this type of activity. The holding has its own lawyers and accountants.

Work involves bonuses and career opportunities.

Our advantages:

  • The partner can purchase any favorite goods for personal use at the most favorable prices.
  • We organize free training for program participants, as well as issue a clear marketing plan for product distribution.
  • High quality and fully legal product status.
  • We pay bonuses and rewards for the leaders of the company.

We work according to legal and accounting standards in Russia, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Joining the program

To start working with our nutritional supplements, the participant must pay for registration a personal account. There are two options for replenishing an account. These options involve different statuses and a different percentage of affiliate rewards for promotion. To get the maximum reward, it is recommended to choose the maximum package. The cost of the first is 5600 rubles, and the second - 17500 rubles. A registered partner receives products for this amount. The purchase of supplements is mandatory and is carried out once. The participant can sell everything that he received, or use the products for personal needs. Our products are completely natural, they are still rare in the drug market. A pleasant packaging design with the tactile sensations of a neat jar does it work, another part of the work is made by the global trend of increased health care and a balanced diet. And the last third is left to the partner - his personal connections, charm and professionalism. Do not be scared if you do not have enough experience and qualifications. Everyone once started his first steps. If you do not give up efforts, then the result will certainly be.

The maximum package is recommended for people with direct sales experience who adequately assess the market and the target audience of the products, are able to work out the objections that arise and get the maximum income from the program.


Our company is focused on the use of high technologies, including in the crypto sphere. We offer our partners a gaming option for real money income. Offer is an economic blockchain game using Ethereum cryptocurrency. In order to correctly understand the essence of the issue and the benefits for a partner from income in Ethereum, it is worth analyzing the basic concepts.

What is blockchain?

Network anonymity is not synonymous with crime. A participant in the system redeems his right to complete control over his confidentiality. Some cryptocurrencies are an ideal environment for its provision.

The principle underlying bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies arises from the need to decentralize the existing monetary system, which shifts control and power usurped by large banks and government to the masses. It aims to make the financial system as free and transparent as possible using sophisticated cryptography technologies. This technology is called blockchain.

Its encryption features provide the highest degree of privacy and network security. Blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary innovations in our lives. The potential inherent in the blockchain, in terms of the number of industries that it can destroy, and the problems that it can solve is huge. An interesting trend is related to investments: the growth of ICOs for blockchain startups can turn over the venture capital model.

Development teams around the world build protocols with blockchain support, develop open sources and finance operations by issuing digital coins used in mass sales. In simple words, blockchain is a database.

A constantly growing database (DB) of a certain type, which has remarkable properties:

  • If the data ends up in this database, it cannot be changed or deleted. Every blockchain entry is eternal.
  • No person or organization manages this database. Management decentralization is a basic blockchain principle.

When someone does something important, for example, transfers money, he announces this to all members of the network. Each participant captures this information and subsequently must seal the contents of the file with the recording using a mathematical puzzle. Solving a math puzzle ensures that each page with a post has the same content and that will never be changed.

The one who does this first will receive a reward in the form of a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Over time, pages with records (blocks) containing information are added to the folder (chain), forming a blockchain database.

Ethereum cryptocurrency

The Ethereum blockchain is a decentralized platform that executes smart contracts.

Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in allowance to create smart contracts that can be described as highly programmable digital money. With their help, it is possible to organize the simultaneous fulfillment of obligations by several parties in a transparent manner. Ethereum is devaluing the role of banking regulation in the world, and it is logical to assume that no state wants to lose such a powerful tool of influence. Such giants as Microsoft and Intel have already set up a joint company to explore the possibilities of using Ethereum for corporate purposes. Decentralization eliminates individual points of failure or external control. This makes internal collusion and external attacks inappropriate. Decentralized platforms exclude intermediaries, which ultimately leads to lower transaction costs for the user. Applications using Ethereum allow the user to fully control their own data, identity and reputation.

Cryptocurrency Reward Partnership

Our holding company offers its partners to purchase Ethereum during the game - blockchain strategies. The player’s cash income is the equivalent of the real amount of ETH cryptocurrency available to the partner for withdrawal. To participate in this program, you must register and then replenish the balance of your gaming account with Ethereum.

Further, the partner simply starts playing - without any bars or additional conditions on our part. Won - the balance of the cryptocurrency increased, lost - the balance decreased. The result depends on personal talents and skills, as well as on game luck. Earned Ethereum can be sold to get the standard money, or you can keep it on your account in anticipation of a change in the rate of quotes of coins.


The Fund invites its partners to participate in a good cause. We plan to open a large-scale charity project next year without involving third-party intermediaries. Only direct assistance to those who need it - orphanages and rehabilitation centers.

It's a classic scheme of grant aid. At the initial stage, we will finance only a few rehabilitation centers for children. Then, as fundraisers raise funds and increase financial opportunities, it is planned to expand the charity program.

Why help is needed?

According to statistics, in Russia there are only about 8% of healthy children. Another terrible fact is that about 50% of children, including preschoolers, have serious health deviations, most of them need specialized care. In Moscow alone, 40,000 disabled children live. Of course, the government is taking certain measures to change the situation, but it is obvious that until each of us feels our involvement in this common disaster, nothing will change radically. We are ready to take the first step, and set an example for the rest - by organizing open assistance to children's institutions. The most important are rehabilitation centers, where thousands of children undergo prophylaxis and treatment, and receive physiotherapy courses. Most often, these centers are located in buildings with a high percentage of physical deterioration. Sometimes it’s just enough to make repairs in order to make the stay easier for children there. Replace the old windows from which it blows. Block the leaking roof, get antimicrobial impregnation from the fungus on the old walls. These actions, seemingly not directly related to sick children, can seriously reduce the level of surrounding discomfort for babies.

We also consider it reasonable to buy toys for children. Each child should have the opportunity to hide from adversity and disease in the arms of his beloved bear, car or doll. While playing children often forget about problems, and fun and a carefree mood are the best incentives for recovery. It is considered right around the world that representatives of constitutional authority or the monarchy engage in charitable programs and attract people with opportunities for large-scale financial support as their example. For example, Prince Charles regularly visits children's rehabilitation centers in Britain, attracting millions of investments from private philanthropists and organizations. Although on foggy Albion, the state of hospitals and medicine as a whole is significantly higher than in the Russian Federation.

Our stars usually prefer not to notice the problems. They willingly go for fees to advertise dubious funds instead of throwing a cry and encouraging their fans to organize real feasible help.

We want to reverse this situation.

How will the process be organized.

The company will open a charity fund. The initial capital of the fund will consist entirely of our own funds. It is expected that public disclosure with the publication of the amounts donated to help children. Theoretically, this should stimulate our partners and the concerned community to join our initiative and make voluntary charitable contributions to the fund. Our partners will be notified of the launch of this project. They will be able, like us, to transfer some amounts to support children. Participation is completely voluntary. Money transfer will be available directly from your personal account. We will accept funds to our wallet. Our leaders of foreign and local regional divisions of the company will also take part in the charity project. Further, on the basis of a personal agreement with the management of orphanages and rehabilitation centers, real support will be provided. The company’s management will personally visit these facilities once or twice a month to bring gifts to children. This will completely eliminate the misuse of funds, which often occurs if aid is transferred in cash. It is also planned to finance the necessary repairs in the buildings where children's institutions are located. We are ready to pay for contracting services of private masters. In addition, it is planned to purchase the necessary equipment and toys. We have chosen such a scheme not to create unnecessary private or bureaucratic obstacles through the way of real charity to its recipients. We do not plan to use money transfers - it is important that every penny goes to the immediate help of children.