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Our key strengths

Here is the list of strengths that will help you understand what really distinguishes Tirus from any other investment funds.

Analytical thinking

Our team of qualified and experienced employees strive to deliver a comprehensive range of investment solutions based on their deep knowledge, professionalism and independent research of the investment market. Investment strategies that have been successfully implemented in our day-to-day work allow us to examine ¬changing market conditions and to follow new development trends.

Unique investment portfolio

Any investor is looking for such opportunities that would fit their financial goals and increase their investments. Tirus is a source of income that provides investment solutions in a wide range of investment sectors starting from stock and commodity markets and ending up with real estate projects. With our approach and strategies relating to deep understanding of the value of money, our clients can easily rely on us.

Focus on our clients

Tirus constantly supports the investors and their investment decisions by providing advisory and ¬consultancy services in the sphere of financial instruments. Most of the information related to tariffs, market analysis, investment portfolio is available on our website. However, if more details about our investment strategies are needed, do not hesitate to contact our team via email, skype or phone.

Research strategies

Our diversified investment portfolio is based not only on our exceptional skills and efforts to deliver highly profitable investment opportu-nities to our investors but also on the principles of Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI). Our research methods and techniques that are built on SRI give us and our investors an insight into financial market, its risks and opportunities. Once financial analysis of the investment market is identified, our investors benefit from long-term and risk-free investment solutions.

Core principles for responsible investment

There are many internal and external factors that might influence the investment portfolio from time to time. That is why Tirus understands that following the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles brings not only investment opportunities but also a guarantee that your investments will be protected from frauds and risks.

By applying ESG into our investment research and analysis, our company:
  • brings investment solutions to our clients according to high standards, policies and regulations
  • focuses on such activities that would lead to high protection of our investors’ rights
  • ensure that all information about investments is reported anonymously and is available to our investors in relevant forms and standards
  • supports, integrates and develops the overall principles of ESG

We take full responsibility for sustainable development of the relationships with our investors and expect that in return. By focusing on core principles for responsible investment, we encourage our clients to apply environmental, social and governance thinking into their investment decisions.