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Tirus Privacy statement

As we respect our clients’ confidentiality and privacy, all your personal and financial information is highly protected and secured. Please notice that:

  • Any personal and financial information is used only for our internal use. Your name, address, email, phone number and any other contact details are necessary for us to create your personal account and to provide you with our services. It can be used whenever our investors require any assistance or help with online transactions and operations on our website.
  • No personal or financial information is used while we collect data about website traffic and page use. The data is collected only for our professional use to improve our services and to increase our website productivity.

More information can be found on Tirus Privacy Policy

Internet Security

To ensure privacy and security of your personal information, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to store all information on servers and databases which cannot be accessed without properly secured authorization and verification procedures.


Cookies are used to enhance our website performance for easier and faster use of our online services. Once you enter the website, we might give you a unique random number (a cookie) to secure your activities. Please note that cookies cannot read any other data on your computer or hard disk, so it means your other activities will stay private and confidential.

Tirus Tracking software

Our tracking software is used to ensure that our website visitors follow our policies and regulations. We respect your privacy so if you do not want us to track your online activities, you are able to change the settings below according to your personal preferences.

In case we update our investment portfolio, we have a right to contact you about our latest changes and new services. If you have any questions ¬about our privacy statement and policy, please contact our support team.

Password Security

Your password and its security is your main responsibility while using our online services. Please never share or give your confidential account details to anyone else.

To protect your account, you will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity, however if you wish to continue using any online services you will have to log in again. In case you entered your password incorrectly 3 times, your account and activities will be suspended until our support team will reset the password.

In case you lose or forget your password, please contact our support team. Once your password is reset, you can change it anytime in the account settings after you successfully log in.

After each session, we recommend you to log out from your account in order to avoid someone else seeing your personal information or financial transactions on our website.

Secure E-mail Communications

We encourage you to contact us by any means of communications. However, if you send us an email, please understand that we cannot fully rely on Internet technologies and their confidentiality. To protect your and our privacy, please try not to send us your bank details, passport details and etc.

We keep all your emails in our email system so we are able to follow the previous conversation. It helps us provide fast and accurate customer service.

Links to other websites’ content

Our website contains links to third-party contents relating to our services or any other additional information. However, Tirus does not guarantee the reliability, completeness or correctness of information provided on other websites.

Tirus has no responsibility for any text, videos, images which were provided to us by a third party. Any other information contained on our website is provided for informational purposes only. We reserve a right to update or remove any links that do not match our services and products anymore.

Do you require any additional information?

In case you have any questions, feedbacks, suggestions or concerns about what we do, please send us an email or contact our support team.

Intellectual Property

All information which is available on our website is protected according to trademark protection laws. The use of any website content such website graphics, design, logos or texts is forbidden and is against the law. Tirus respects its investors’ security, so any illegal actions will be strictly punished by law, especially with regard to intellectual property rights.