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Sustainable and
Responsible Investing

Tirus is one of those funds that consider not only delivering highly profitable financial returns to investors but also bringing a positive social impact worldwide. Analysis and research of the markets required us to integrate ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) practices according to which responsible investment and sustainable financial returns are based on the stability and efficiency of economic system and environment where businesses operate. Moreover, we believe that societal concerns should be a significant part of the investment process and expect our clients to invest ethically with us.

Tirus is a socially responsible investment fund that meets financial goals and personal demands of our clients. By integrating SRI issues, we bring a big choice of investment solutions into our product portfolio in order to build long-term and risk-free relationships with our investors.

By applying SRI into our fund activities, we offer new opportunities thus our clients can make their own decision whether they should invest their money in local, foreign or global markets. With our ethical investing approach, our clients can easily monitor how our ethical investment policies are developed and integrated and how our investment strategies are being applied within inevitably changing markets.

One of the main concerns of ethical investing is an investment in charities. Charities have become the fastest growing area of sustainable and responsible investing where investors can benefit from long-term financial performance and bring social benefits at the same time. To make an investment in charities, our clients should understand the value and overall importance of this investment decision which is based on ESG principles. If recognition and encouragement of ESG standards are met along with your investments, it will lead to stable and healthy economic systems and then will give you high financial returns.

Tirus has been focusing on responsible investments for years and now we fully understand that ESG principles play an important role in establishing trustful and loyal relationships between us and our investors.