1.1 Who is allowed to register on the Tirus website?

- Registration is available for adult citizens of any country.

1.2 How can I sign up on the Tirus website?

- For signing up click on your sponsor's link (the person who provided you with information about Tirus), select Registration and fill out the data lines on the opened page.

1.3 Is it possible to conduct multiple registrations of partners from one computer or ip-address?

You can register multiple partners from one ip-address. Remember they need to have different logins, emails and phones.

1.4 Can I change my details after registration?

You can change or supplement your data, as well as change the password after registration. For this pass to the Settings tab in the personal account Tirus, enter the necessary Changes and click Update. To change the password, enter the old password, then the new password, confirm the new password and click Change Password.


2.1 What is the way to pay for a license?

To pay for the license, pass to your account in the Business circles tab And click on 10 USD Start Easy, 50 USD Start Medium, 100 USD Start Hard

2.2 What payment systems can I use to enter and withdraw funds?

To replenish the balance and withdraw funds, you can use the Perfect Money and ADVCash payment system.

2.3 Can I purchase a HARD license immediately?

Licenses are acquired sequentially in ascending order.

2.4 Where can I see how much is available?

- The amount available to the output is displayed on the Finance tab in the Your balance field, next to the Earned for all time field displays the amount you have already earned in the Tirus. Below, behind the replenishment field there is the entire history of operations on your account.


3.1 Is there a mandatory number of people to be invited?

No, there is no compulsory qualification, you are moving in marketing with the help of your personally invited, invited by your invitees, etc., as well as with the help of the so-called overflows.

3.2 What is the way of business rings work?

- Whatever start option you choose, during the passage of 10 business rings, every time once you pass two rings, you get a reward. Next, your account makes reinvest and you will receive a reward again. More details on the marketing plan can be found in the presentation. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION Download presentation