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About the system
Achieving goals as a team

Your starting team plays a major role in your capital growth. What kind of support do you have as a team, how and where do you learn to build up your business with new partners?

INDIGO is a system to create teams. With us, you can make your business run non-stop and involve new partners due to the high Internet technologies used by the platform. The system comprises all necessary learning tools for quick start and significant result.

How to operate in social networks

24/7 available trainings for your partners from anywhere in the world. Step-by-step master classes on how to work in social networks will ease your way into the process and teach you how to involve partners, create major structures and become a successful online business person.

Trainings on how to earn with cryptocurrency

Successful investors and analysts offer training webinars for Tirus affiliates having Easy, Medium and Hard Licenses and participating in the Residential Program. Knowledge of the exchange fundamental principles will help newcomers start up and get a sense of the cryptocurrency world, and advanced users may acquire analysis and capital strengthening skills.

Trainees will be provided with profit signals from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Partner search tools

We have created a number of tools and applications intended to help you on with your affiliate program from the very start, to facilitate the process of earning money, building structures and increasing your passive income.

Our key mission is to help our affiliates achieve financial success, automate their business, enable them to travel more and become the masters of their lives.

What does INDIGO offer
Business tools
Tools for online operations, including settings guide.
Building up business
We give each affiliate an opportunity to earn money online.
Team building
Help your new partners grow and make profits using all functions of INDIGO.
Trainers and learning
Numerous video courses and team correction of mistakes.
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